reserves v Sellick

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John Markie
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reserves v Sellick

Post by John Markie » Tuesday 06th 2018f November 2018 11:41:16 PM

A thoroughly deserved win for the visitors who ran the show pretty much throughout, most notably the first half. Against the run of play and after Sellick had wasted a few chances we got a penalty after about 35 mins or so, when Dunne recovered from losing the ball, won it back of the toes of the defender who was mid kick, and being brought down. The ref rightly pointed to the spot. Up to this point we'd had a fairly stable 532 set up, but Laverty had been replaced by O'Hara after about 20 mins after the former took a heavy knock. Up steps to Lewis to take the kick, and as he scores 3 or 4 Falkirk players are grouped beside 2 Falkirk coaches who are clearly giving them new instructions near the dug out area. Lewis scores, group hug, and then as Sellick take the ko, the info from the coaches looks like its just getting passed around and most of the team have no idea what they are supposed to be doing/playing. Sellick take full advantage of this chaos and walk through the middle of the defence to equalize immediately. Total shambolic management, and the defence and midfield also deserve criticism for total lack of closing down or tackling. Sellick hit the post and had a few off target efforts as the first half ended. Second half we set up almost 424/442 and started getting closer to the opposition. We were certainly better than we'd been in the 1st half. Sellicks winner was laughable/brilliant depending who you support. Low corner to edge of 6 yard box, left foot flick towards back post - everyone stops and admires flick as it hits post and goes in. After that it was mainly Sellick but we had a few periods of pressure but never looked like doing anything that would change the outcome. This was like watching a team playing a group of guys who had just met and had no idea what positions they would play, whether they would press or sit back, play long, or keep it tight......shambles. If this Falkirk team has been coached then the coaches want sacking. Abysmal by coaches, disconnect between each department of team and real lack of desire shown by too many in Navy blue.
Mutch 4/10. At fault for 2nd goal being way too slow to react and flapping at the ball as it was going in. Poor kicking and communication at times.

Dumbuya 6/10. Did everything simply and effectively. Looks great going forward, but looked to be blowing oot his erse 2nd half when getting back.
Munro 5/10. Did reasonably well against superior opposition, but lacking a wee bit of game sense at times.
Dallison 6/10. Played ok here against a bunch of kids, and tried to create from the back with long balls blasted up front. Some of these passes were decent, mostly they were fruitless.
Russell 5/10. Playing in a back 3 he's not at home, and at left back was given a torrid time by winger. But, when going forward looks great but often lacks support.
Dunne 5/10. Like Russell had no answer against the winger, but again great going forward. He and Russell were in a back 4 then a back 5 then they swapped positions, etc. Probably why they did so poorly, as the coaches kept moving them about.

Paton 4/10. Did a reasonably amount of covering back, but never got close enough to opposition who danced around him. Came off after an hour so presume this was a leg stretcher for him so he'll be fit for Saturday. Another reason not to go if he'll be fit to play.
Sammut 4/10. This guy is at Chelsea(?) - allegedly. I have no idea how he got that gig as he was invisible first half, although he did appear briefly second half and kept things ticking over without ever looking like he was as good as any opponent.
Laverty 2/10. The guy was only on for 15 mins or so, don't even know if he touched the ball other than in a tackle. Not physically tough enough at this level.

Lewis 5/10. Took his penalty well then gave his usual perfomance with the touch of a trampoline at times and some decent skill at others.
Haber 2/10. Generous mark here as he won plenty in the air without ever finding a team mate with his flick ons. Usual effort level - almost zero.

O'Hara 4/10. Tried hard but nowhere near good enough. Probably his last year with us. Where has that potential of two seasons ago gone?
Jarvis 5/10. Came on after an hour for Paton and at least got stuck in even if he was as ineffecvtive as the guy he replaced.

All in all, we did ok against a much superior side (all kids), who were organised, knew how to play their system and moved the ball well. They also kept their width (something we never do) and ran out relatively comfortable winners.

What our coaches were thinking, making a huge tactical change when a penalty was being taken just sums up the general incompetence we see at the club these days.
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Bridge of Allan Bairn
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Re: reserves v Sellick

Post by Bridge of Allan Bairn » Wednesday 07th 2018f November 2018 09:05:46 AM

not sure i was at the same game as you alba.

celtic were the better side in the first half and Falkirk were the better side in the second half.

we had 2 decent chances first half Dunne winning the penalty and Lewis converting well and then Lewis through on the goalie who saved well with his legs. Celtic had many more chances but the goal came from neat passing around our box mutch saving well and them following up. they also hit the post but most other chances were speculative efforts from the edge of the box.

second half we created many more chances and despite scoring early in the half celtic fell out of it a bit, but the falkirk reserves are like the first team and lack any composure around the goals. haber yet again never had a shot or header at goals that I can remember. thought Lewis had a poor first half despite penalty poor control and decision making but thought he showed some skill and desire second half.

I've not been a fan of dallison in the first team but he strolled through this game as captain. assured at the back and confident going forward and passing. appreciate opposition though.

best players for me were dumbaya and Dunne. dumbaya rarely lost possession all game and was keen to get forward. his physicality is a bit like Lewis kidd in terms of height etc and use of ball decent. Dunne won the penalty and showed courage in possession all match beating men and getting shots passes away.

Russell and Paton did okay as did mutch.
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