Scottish Cup

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Scottish Cup

Postby dixie chicken » Monday 18th 2016f April 2016 09:20:10 AM

What a great advert for the championship to have 2 teams in the final.
Rangers were by far the better side and the quality on show was outstanding.
The Hibs semi was much poorer in quality but showed we have nothing to fear.
We have done well against both Hibs and Rangers which shows how far we have progressed this year.
If we don't manage promotion this year, we should be up there challenging next season.
Watched Craigen when he came on for Raith and he looks a good player. Scored a peach!!

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Re: Scottish Cup

Postby Bernard Shakey » Monday 18th 2016f April 2016 01:32:23 PM

Can't comment on yesterdays match as I didn't bother watching but that sad excuse for a semi final on Saturday was turgid, only noticeable events were the horrific penalty [ surely someone punched him at half time ] and another DU player wandering off the park injured before Mixedup had his sub ready. Lost the dressing room perhaps?
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Re: Scottish Cup

Postby Dade » Tuesday 19th 2016f April 2016 07:02:37 PM

I've been thinking about this and although I do think Rangers deserved to go through I wouldn't say they were by far the better team.

They scored with a lucky break off Scott Brown and scored a worldy which was their first attempt at goal for 70 minutes! Although Rangers played really well in the first half Celtic by far the best chances, they just failed to take them.

Anyway my point being that all the talk is of how Rangers are back and ready etc but I think that by and large misses out exactly what happened in the match. The reason I say that they deserved to go through is that they went in as underdogs and stuck by their gameplan which was to maintain possession and tire out Celtic.

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