Dunblane/Lawrence Haggart

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Dunblane/Lawrence Haggart

Postby lewfal » Wednesday 09th 2016f March 2016 11:40:52 AM

As a lot of you will be aware it is nearing 20 years since the Dunblane massacre. It goes without saying that it is probably one of the worst things to happen in my lifetime in the local area. What I wasn't aware of until last night, by chance, is that it's also coming up for 20 years since Lawrence Haggarts murder. As I wasn't really aware of this at the time, I've found it was really sickening to read about what happened to Lawrence.

Both of these incidents could have been avoided and it's a great shame that none of the victims got to realise their potential. Although I never knew any of the families involved, my sympathies go out to them all.

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