'Scottish' Challenge Cup

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'Scottish' Challenge Cup

Post by rusty_nail » Wednesday 15th 2017f November 2017 02:17:46 PM

I always felt inviting teams from the other home nations would eventually make a mockery of the competition.

Ludicrous that one of Scotlands domestic competitions could be won by a Northern Irish or Welsh team :x :oops:

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Re: 'Scottish' Challenge Cup

Post by Ranaldo Bairn » Wednesday 15th 2017f November 2017 02:34:58 PM


These teams are obviously of a similar standard to tier 2 teams here, so there was always a possibility of this. It would be less embarrassing to the bigger Scottish teams in it if TNS won it than say, Elgin City or Albion Rovers.

I'd prefer if they'd never been invited though (I'm less bothered about them than the stinking u-20 inclusion admittedly).
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