Farid signs for Dunfermline

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Farid signs for Dunfermline

Postby kent brockman » Monday 05th 2016f September 2016 04:49:52 PM

According to BBC Scotland, Farid has signed for Dunfermline where he will team up with another ex-Bairn Kallum Higginbotham.
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Re: Farid signs for Dunfermline

Postby Kiddy » Monday 05th 2016f September 2016 05:34:35 PM

He's spent the 4+ years, since he left the Bairnabeu, mainly injured. If he can stay fit, he may be of help to them avoiding the drop back down to the seaside leagues. At least they've got Higgy to play off him as well & are only missing Duffie to sling the crosses in for him.

Oh, aye, whilst I'm at it, forgot to add in #gutted. LOL
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Re: Farid signs for Dunfermline

Postby Bernard Shakey » Monday 12th 2016f September 2016 11:15:13 AM

Watch out for the Dunfermline Physio throwing a long term sickie due to stress and anxiety!
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Re: Farid signs for Dunfermline

Postby tony smith » Friday 23rd 2016f September 2016 11:26:34 PM

dead to me now

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