How to stop the rot?

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Re: How to stop the rot?

Post by Dade » Friday 12th 2018f October 2018 12:57:46 AM

fuzzydunlop wrote:
Thursday 11th 2018f October 2018 10:00:20 PM
Although I expect the inevitable and possible justified ‘not interested in scotland’ and ‘**** the sfa’ Comments, isn’t it just another kick in the baws for falkirk/Scotland fans that the national team seem to have some sort of psychic **** up mentality. Sh1t defence, no proven goal scorer and just crap to watch. It would be nice if the international break gave us something to cheer about but it appears even that is too much to about football crazy, football’s turning me into a fcking basket case.
It’s not a good time for teams in Navy Blue!

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