Reserves v Ross Co (cup)

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John Markie
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Reserves v Ross Co (cup)

Post by John Markie » Monday 10th 2018f September 2018 09:08:27 PM

Another pretty abysmal performance from the reserves. Not helped by playing kids who look way way short of even being ready for Junior football never mind the heady heights of this level. Basically, Ross Co. dominated possession and we hit them frequently on the break, and it was fairly even until just after we scored, when Co. upped the pace and tempo, and began to dominate almost totally. It was when Mackin went off limping and we replaced him with young Laverty, who did a great impression of a headless chicken for the last 25 minutes, that we finally caved in. We went ahead in the second half when the half time sub O'Hara dispossessed one of the Co. defenders as they tried to play things out from the back, he burst forward and laid a tap in on Mackins plate. Co the when into overdrive and we fell away, unable to keep possession or do much to stop their waves of attacks. This stemmed from us having only one effective midfielder in Sammut, with Owen-Evans playing the role of invisible man in the middle. Strangely we saw some pretty terrible stuff from both Froxylias and Greenwood out wide. Overhit passes/crosses and basic chasing back and tackling non existant. I turned up a bit late, and left shortly after the Co equaliser as had seen enough by that time to know that we would not be scoring again unless by some freak or accidental mistake from Co. I hear we lost the bonus point on penalties - no surprise there, as we looked second best throughout proceedings.

Mitchell 5/10. Did ok, and decent distribution. But nothing outstanding.

Jarvis 5/10. Growing into the right back role, and certainly better there than Kyle Mitchell who is playing cb for the injured Munro.
K Mitchell 4/10. Did reasonably well, and a couple of important interceptions made. Also a few glaring errors, but stuck to his task well.
Russell 7/10. Excellent defender - streets ahead of Muirhead, Dallison or Harrison as cb. Just a wee bit on the short side to be a permanent fixture there. But would have him in the first team before many of the chancers we've seen playing for the first team this season.
Dunnne 6/10. Not a full back by any stretch of the imagination - but as an attacking midfielder/forward we have a real gem here. Needs to be starting for 1st team more often.

Greenwood 5/10. In and out the game. Weird option every time, missing good opportunities to beat his man and get a cross in, by dilly-dallying, cutting inside and blasting shots straaight at defenders. Dropped out the game 2nd half.
Sammut 6/10. Had to hold the midfield pretty much on his own as his partner there was useless. Did well and always trying to get the ball forward or retain possession with little help from team mates.
Owen-Evans 2/10. Ineffectual. Gets pushed out the way all too often. Had a couple of neat wee touches, but way too little and nowhere near often enough to make a difference. Not even good enough for this level (reserve level).
Froxylias 4/10. Like Greenwood made some very poor decisions, but always tried to keep the ball and managed mostly to pass to a team mate. Probably more useful if played inside, as no real relationship with full back. There is a decent player there.

Turner 4/10. Tried hard for 45 mins. Always eager to find space and certainly not the worst he's been for us. Doesn't look like he will ever score a goal though.
Mackin 4/10. In the right place at the right time for the tap in courtesy of O'Hara. Limped off. Didn't really do much else, apart from win a few headers

O'Hara 6/10. Made the goal and bustled about. Lost his way after Mackin went off as everyone decided to lump high balls in his direction. A couple of decent through balls had him stretching their defence, but support not quick enough to get forward to help.
Laverty 1/10. Did nothing except make one or two lateral passes and run about a bit.

We only had 2 outfield subs and a few players playing well out of position, so its never going to be particularly indicative of form or much else. Our kids can't cut it at this level, and some of the new guys can't either. Out of this lot I'd keep D Mitchell, Russell, Dunne, Sammut, Froxylias, Mackin (at a push) and O'Hara.
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Re: Reserves v Ross Co (cup)

Post by Pete » Tuesday 11th 2018f September 2018 08:18:44 AM

We paid money for owen-evans as well :bang:

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