Reserves v Partick

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John Markie
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Reserves v Partick

Post by John Markie » Monday 03rd 2018f September 2018 09:09:23 PM

It beggars belief but Makin got a hat-trick today (albeit v 10 men), and we had a few half decent performances too, against a weak Partick side reduced to 10 men just as HT approached. It probably helped that the Partick no.7 (Storar) who was arguably the best player on the park, was sent off which certainly helped us no end, as up until the sending off the two teams had pretty much cancelled each other out. We also fielded quite a strong (relatively) line up with guys who have featured for the first team playing. Its clear a few players are still a little rusty given the lack of game time they have had, but McKee shone like a diamond amongst muck, when compared to the majority of his team mates. But lets not over-exaggerate this, it was a win v 10 men and for long periods they gave as good as they got until they began to tire in 2nd half. Its also worth noting that wee Marky Munro got injured in the warm up and had to be helped off and the defence was rearranged to fit Jarvis in at right back. That certainly helped as we didn't have to witness Kyle Mitchells attempt to play full back, as he fitted in comfortably in the middle of defence where he looked much better, alongside a new central defender Trialist. Second half, we took the lead through a cross from Dunne (I think) which Makin got his head to inside the 6 yard box after about 55mins. !0 minutes later it was two with Makin slotting the ball home after being given acres of room inside the box. The game was finished as a contest after that and fair play to the lads as they kept going and Makin was rewarded with his hat-trick nearer the end of the game.

D Mitchell 5/10. Punched a couple of times when it was as easy to catch, but given the rain maybe we could put that down to a greasy ball. Never troubled in goal and distribution better than anything we've seen from the other keepers. Only one direct pass to opponent - so much better than the others.

Jarvis 6/10. Did pretty well at full back and was always trying to get forward and link up with winger(s). Little bit slow and not much of a tackler, but a decent performance.
K Mitchell 6/10. Much better in central defence than at full back, although not particularly tall. At least he has pace and did well against taller/older looking guys.
Trialist 6/10. Strolled it, but never really troubled. Not quick though and missed a couple of tackles, but a huge improvement over the likes of Muirhead, Harrison and/or Dallison.
Robson 6/10. A strangely subdued performance of a guy who looks to be lacking a bit of confidence. Nowhere near what he can do but improved as game went on, especially after Dunne came on in 2nd half.

Petravicius 4/10. Total enigma. On the wrong wavelength to teammates all to often. Looks totally lacking in confidence, and never beat his man throughout his time on the park. Fast and direct at other times, but then just wastes it when he gets close to goal.
McKee 8/10. My MotM. Hardly broke sweat. Totally in control in midfield, spraying passes all over and demanding the ball etc. If only we had another couple like him we might actually have a decent side.
Owen-Evans 4/10. Covers huge amounts of ground and never seems to have the ball, make a tackle or interception, or make a telling pass. Weak as p1sswater but there were glimmers of a player at times with his passing, although all too few and far apart.
Greenwood 5/10. I've seen much, much better from him, but he was keen and tried to get forward and attack whenever he could. Not his best performance.

Turner 3/10. Plenty of effort, plenty of determination, but never linked the play up, every shot blocked and really never hunted the ball down. Not good enough on this performance.
Mackin 7/10. As slow as any forward we have ever had. Yet he bagged three goals by being in the right place at the right time and took every chance that came his way. He offers very little in every other respect but was the only player that looked close to getting on to the chances created by Dunne, Robson and Greenwood.

Dunne 7/10. Second half replacement for the wayward Petravicious, and made all the difference by running at the opposition defence, beating his man and getting the crosses in. Always busy and has some engine on him. He just needs to be more careful as he is prone to making stupid clumsy challenges inside his own box. That could cost us games and needs sorted, but he should be starting games as should Joe McKee.
Trialist 5/10. second time I have seen this kid. He's fast but rarely beats his man and is a bit of a one trick pony. But thats one trick more than most of the rest have. I doubt he will get a deal here.
Laverty 3/10. Came on and tried his best, but not on long enough to make a difference and made wrong choices too often.

Dunne, Robson and McKee should be in first team squad, Owen-Evans, Turner and Petravicious very poor and not up to scratch.
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Re: Reserves v Partick

Post by rusty_nail » Monday 03rd 2018f September 2018 10:15:10 PM

Hearing from PTFC social media that the trialists were Russell Willox - New Zealander who is trying to win a move to Europe.

The other is Joseph Moore who has been at a Glenn Hoddle/Strachan type football academy and formerly of Alloa.
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Re: Reserves v Partick

Post by dennybairn » Monday 03rd 2018f September 2018 10:42:02 PM

rusty_nail wrote:
Monday 03rd 2018f September 2018 10:15:10 PM
Hearing from PTFC social media that the trialists were Russell Willox - New Zealander who is trying to win a move to Europe.

The other is Joseph Moore who has been at a Glenn Hoddle/Strachan type football academy and formerly of Alloa.
Ross Willox - young midfielder with Scottish parents who moved to New Zealand as a kid.
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