Rangers u21s Challenge cup

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Rangers u21s Challenge cup

Post by Ricey » Tuesday 14th 2018f August 2018 10:28:15 PM

Where do I start after that terrible performance against a team of wee laddys tonight. Hanging on at the end for the full time whistle having been dominated in the second half. Tonight was the night I realised that this is terminal for Hartley. I cannot see how he will turn this around and don’t expect us to take anything points wise in the coming weeks. This team is without doubt worse than the Houston one of early last season and that’s saying something. really depressing stuff

John Markie
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Re: Rangers u21s Challenge cup

Post by John Markie » Tuesday 14th 2018f August 2018 11:16:57 PM

Ricey sums it up pretty nicely really. First half, despite the scoreline was fairly even and the "colts" surely should have had a penalty when Mutch brought down their big no.9 (who was outstanding in the first half). We went ahead when Lewis got onto the end of a ball and thundered a drive the keeper couldn't hold, which just went over the line for a goal, after just 4 minutes or so. We went further ahead from a corner with Harrison getting the credit when it could have gone in of any one of three players. Just desserts for his disallowed goal against ICT. We then had Lewis limp off injured who was replaced by Greenwood who was ineffectual as Lewis had been effective and dangerous throughout his 40 mins or so on the park. The "Colts" had shown more urgency and fluidity in there play than we had, but still 2-0 at HT and really fairly comfortable apart from their big no.9 who must have picked up a knock and was subbed at HT.

Second half and we never got going against a far superior Colts side. They got the ball down and played it quickly and neatly, built from the back with neat passing and stretched our midfield all over the shop. By the early second half, Owen-Evans, Greenwood, and Paton were all blowing out their ar$e$ and should have been replaced, but injuries to firstly Dallinson then McGhee meant we effectively kept the same midfield throughout. And that midfield was woeful. Couldn't get close enough to the young Colts players to even get a tackle in, and their lack of physicality and effort meant once the ball was past the midfield we were being sliced open at the back with no-one covering their rampant midfield. We survived somehow until injury time, when justice was finally done and they scored a consolation through some neat work on their right hand side leaving Robson 1 v 2 and they crossed for a tap in in the centre. Dreadful all round performance, and against a more clinical side with a bit more strength we'd have lost this game.

I wonder if Hartley had any say in getting these players, because they are painfully slow, painfully lightweight and painfully lacking in any kind of poise or energy. I doubt I'll be rushing to many more away games and that will save the anger and embarrassment of being beaten left, right and centre this season unless we get some kind of miracle. Hartleys "we will be the fittest team in the league" looks laughable as we were ripped apart way too often in the second half, by a far more agile, nimble, quicker group of young lads than anyone playing for us. Shambles, just about sums it up.

Mutch 3/10. Lucky to stay on after foul on no.9 inside box which wasn't given. Kicking as good as every other FFC keeper - i.e. utter sh1t. Had a couple of half decent saves.

McGhee 5/10. Probably our most attack minded full back as he had decent support first half from Irving and Lewis. Lost his way second half and ended up as part of back 3 then went off injured.
Muirhead 4/10. Our best central defender, which tells you just how bad the other two were. The old joke about milk turning quicker applies to the other two, but Muirhead was steady 1st half and back to useless in the 2nd half. Not a leader and not really a footballer.
Harrison 3/10. Ripped a new ersehole by the big no.9 in the 1st half. Better in the second when he won a couple of headers and got in the way of a few shots.
Dallinson 2/10. looks terrific - big, strong and menacing. But slower than a week in jail, less ball control than a 5 year old and never sharp enough with passing or clearances. A total bombscare.
Robson 6/10. Had a lot of defending to do as first TOE then Greenwood were ahead of him and failed to track back enough. Along with McGhee the only player who looks like he knows how to defend, and get forward whenever the opportunity arises.

TOE 2/10. First half wasn't too bad, but so lightweight was constantly shoved off the ball. Always dallied too long with the ball at his feet and rarely showed enough composure. Second half he became almost completely invisible, not tackling, not covering and not even trying to get the ball.
Irving 5/10. Way too slow to be any use as an attacking threat, and way to defensive minded to create much. But plugged away and covered a fair amount of ground, mostly without the ball. Ran out of gas after about 70 mins.
Paton 2/10. hard to describe a player whose sole talent seems to be fouling an opponennt at every opportunity. Gets the ball, blooters it forward hoping someone will get on the end of it. Dire.
Froxylias 6/10. My MotM. He's not quick. He's not a centre forward. But, he did a damn good job of trying to fill the no.9 jersey when Lewis went off. Never gave up all game, Only player to show any imagination or creativity in the entire team. Played out of position too high up the park but grafted throughout.
Lewis 6/10. Really was a handful for their back line when he was on. Constant threat and played with no little effort and determination. Can run as well so he's pretty unusual for a Falkirk player.

Greenwood 2/10. Had a couple of neat touches but way too much on the periphery of the game.
Petravicious 3/10. One occasion pushed the ball past the full back got on the end and put in a cross, another time worked his way to the opposition bye line and looked up to see the nearest Falkirk player halfway between 18 yard box and half way.
Russell 5/10. Looked a decent full back, but then we already have one of them in Robson........

Hartley shoehorning players into his system when they don't have the ability won't work. Survival at best this season. Forget the play offs.
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Bridge of Allan Bairn
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Re: Rangers u21s Challenge cup

Post by Bridge of Allan Bairn » Wednesday 15th 2018f August 2018 09:30:39 AM

positives from last night were that we won and are in the next round. robson looked good at left back and has surely and rightly worked his way into the side for the qos game? Lewis looked better as a striker than a winger and for me should be played close aside haber in a two up top. also thought Irving had another good game and at least he is prepared to take a man on and get a shot away which is rare in our side. Muirhead as alba said was the best of our back 3 and Russell did well at right back when he came on.

difficult game to judge as it really was men against boys they had several players who were about 9 stone albeit skilful. if the game had gone on another 15 minutes I think we'd have list it. we looked okay in the first half but due to 3 injuries looked a shambles second half and ended up playing the last 30 or 40 minutes with no striker which was bizarre given all our signings. Mackin was on bench maybe carrying injury?

negatives Harrison and especially dallison looked slow and full of mistakes at the back. missing headers, misplacing passes pulling jerseys getting beaten to loose balls. at least Harrison has a goal in him from set pieces but our defenders from last season Muirhead and McGhee are better and quicker. Paton did okay but really isn't the quality to get us at the top end of this league. our midfield Irving aside is very weak toe yet again ladt night offered little and with sammut and Turner ( not last night) I often forget their on the pitch. froxy held the ball up well and has skill but with Paton Harrison and Mackin they look slow and unfit. Greenwood did okay as did petravious when they came on.

good Falkirk crowd of 370 or so for a game like this

after seeing all players now I'd go

Russell Muirhead McGhee Robson
? Irving ? Greenwood
haber Lewis

struggling for the other two midfielders!
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Re: Rangers u21s Challenge cup

Post by rusty_nail » Wednesday 15th 2018f August 2018 10:44:40 AM

Didn't attend the game last night for various reasons but having watched the highlights I have crystallised my opinions:
  1. Robson is the most natural full-back we have and has to play. He 'gets' that he needs to drive forward, take on his man and get crosses in. That is not Muirhead's or McGhee's mindset.
  2. We have adopted a hoof ball style which loses us possession and leaves us susceptible to the counter on far too many occasions. Too many aimless punts, poorly executed or risky passes because we are disjointed. This is Hartley's preferred tactic and we'll always struggle regardless of personnel*
  3. It ain't going to improve
* Watch any of Hartley's Dundee games on Youtube and we are a carbon-copy. The defenders always go long, the midfielders hook it forward or rush passes and majority of goals come from crosses out-wide with very little midfield involvement. Sound familiar :?:
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Re: Rangers u21s Challenge cup

Post by Creative Redemption » Wednesday 15th 2018f August 2018 12:59:23 PM

I didn't go last night,in fact I haven't seen us this season yet apart from the friendly against Aberdeen when we actually looked ok.
I don't really care on the style of play, to be honest. I think Hartley may have the right idea just getting the ball to the strikers through a hoof up the park. Think of Livi and what they did last year. Rough, tough, ugly and got the job done.
Maybe as time goes on we will improve, but I think he is searching for the right team to enable us to "win ugly". I don't think HE cares either how we get the wins, its just get the wins.
I think we may end up missing out the midfield and just battering teams with high balls and from set pieces.
If that works and we win ugly, great, I will be ok with that, if not happy with the style of play.
One thing he needs to do is get it working, and get it working quickly.
Could be a tough season to watch, but if we are in the top 4 come May 2019. Job done and see how we do from there.
Not the Falkirk I want us to be, but by fcuk, I am not wanting to be in this sh1tehole league another season.
Hopefully it starts working for us.
Big risk by Hartley is this is his plan. Getting fans to buy in to it will only happen after a couple of scrappy 1:0 victories or the like.
Here comes the doom.

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Re: Rangers u21s Challenge cup

Post by Olaf Thom » Wednesday 15th 2018f August 2018 10:11:18 PM

Didn’t go, not going to another away game until things I have some hope.

I was stunned by Hartley’s demeanour and attitude at the post match interview, if that’s the guy to make us better than god help us. Looked like answering questions was beneath him and that us fans should just shut up and take what is given.

He’s not signed a new team, he’s signed a new bleedin squad, it’s his, if we are crap it’s down to him - I think he knows this and is really worried, as we all should be.
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John Markie
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Re: Rangers u21s Challenge cup

Post by John Markie » Wednesday 15th 2018f August 2018 10:34:45 PM

I've seen very little improvement having seen 4 or 5 games. This was a total embarrassment, particularly the second half where we looked ragged, short of fitness, total devoid of pace (2 exceptions), and weak as p1sswater even when compared to a bunch of kids. If this isn't a real wake call and worry for fans and manager alike then I have no idea what will get through to them.
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