Falkirk vs Airdire

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Falkirk vs Airdire

Post by Quidsin » Saturday 07th 2018f July 2018 08:00:21 PM

Finally got a look at the new team.
Dallison is a find, composed on the ball and a giant. Always looking to get involved, one to watch. Well worked goal and strong header at training ground set piece.
TOE looked composed in midfield and nice touches, more team gelling and fitness will prove his worth and two assists. Also the designated corner kick taker.
Petravicious has pace and loves running and taking his man on, a true winger and showed composure for his goal.
OHara, the local lad has stepped up to the plate and keen to be involved in Hartley’s revolution. Full of energy and running and chasing back when he lost the ball. Quality goal cutting in and pinging top corner.
Summat looks a tidy player also, as mentioned needs to adjust to men’s football after playing U23s for a while but Paton next to him will speed this along - makes good runs and head up looking to start moves.
Paton, the Taiwo replacement for me! Exactly the leader we need in the middle and took the captains armband when Aero went off at halftime. Gets stuck in, doesn’t shirk a tackle and shouts his teammates on, much more to come from him and doubtless some red cards too - magic.
Turner came on from bench and not sure if he was played out wide left and not his natural position? He never saw too much ball out there but when he had it looked lively. Maybe better down the middle?
Trialist number 11 was seemingly Mark Russell from Morton and played left wing. Not the quickest but looked otherwise solid and showed nice skills to beat his man. With Hartley experimenting, he had Robson at left wing and Russell moved to left back. Not sure if we’ll see this lad again and if we do he’d be a squad player IMO.
Trialist upfront was Jordan Allen, small nippy striker type reminiscent of Alex MacDonald whom Eddie May signed years ago. Not sure he was good enough and maybe trying too hard? Tried too many clever passes when simple ones may have done.
Trialist rightback I think was Luke Watt. I thought he done ok with a good physique. Head up and passed the ball and keen to get forward. Was unlucky to switch off briefly and rolled a shirt pass back to Fasan, where Airdrie nipped in and scored. I think he’s worth keeping.
Mutch had a couple of decent stops in the game and Fasan was a lot quieter so never saw him tested much.
Harrison, another giant. Looks comfortable on the ball and in the long run, I can see him and Dallison being the proper middle two pairing. His distribution from CB a lot better than Aero’s and previously Grant.
Dennis Lewis, pacey striker and obviously keen to get on score sheet. Tried like a bear but not fit yet so we’ll need to give this lad time.
Froxy, nice beard and hairband. Not the quickest but would be hard to push over on the pitch. Powerful striker of the ball and can see him being a fans favourite.
No Brough so couldn’t make judgement.
More game time for this lot will see us serious title contenders.
Telling there was no McKee. Rumour is he wants out so someone call him a taxi. Maybe stick Sheps and Harris in the back seat too.
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Duncan Freemason
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Re: Falkirk vs Airdire

Post by Duncan Freemason » Saturday 07th 2018f July 2018 08:55:51 PM

Agree wrt Dallison. He looks to be the real diamond so far.

Glaringly obvious that we need more up front, or we might end up with a hell of a lot of nil-nil draws.
Defence looks to be light years ahead of last season.
Froxy definitely our Sibbs replacement, and the one we will be looking to for to come up with a bit of magic every now and then.
For the first time in a decade, we certainly look like a side that won’t be bullied out of games.
Would love a wee cup game against the likes of Livingston at our place. I don’t think their gang mentality would work quite so well now.

John Markie
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Re: Falkirk vs Airdire

Post by John Markie » Saturday 07th 2018f July 2018 09:01:54 PM

First impressions, and to be fair spend more time nattering than paying close attention to the players, most of whom were complete unknowns to me. First half was decent, with good movement and a few wee glimmers of us being a half decent side with a bit of work still to be done. second half we were second best to a pretty poor Airdrie side, who could have even snatched a draw with better finishing. A lot of the newbies looked to be trying maybe a bit too hard to impress, especially the big centre half (Harrison) who tried to be too clever too often and needs to shed a couple of stones. There were no stand-out performances as we lacked cohesion that only comes with playing games together, and we certainly need at least one quality striker and a right back (probably not the no.17 trialist who looked very rusty). A whole heap of work is still needed and playing games with a more settled team will help that, and making almost a whole team worth of changes certainly did not help today.

First half
Mutch - played with confidence and made two or three decent stops/claims from crosses. Looked like a decent back up, and may even challenge for first team if he continues like he did today.

McGhee - played 90 mins and first half as rb was ok without ever being startling. 2nd half he was one of two cb's and did his usual wandering upfield, getting to within 30 yards of goal and bottling it. Thought he was particularly poor today and I believe he thinks he's better than he actually is.
Muirhead - One excellent pass, then just the usual total incompetence with sclaffed passes and positioning not great either.
Dallinson - One mistake when he failed to close down opponent which led to their first goal, but made up for it with goal of his own and looked solid throughout apart from that one error. Captain material for me.
Robson - Strangely subdued, and obviously missing having real quality in Sibbs to team up with on the left. Pushed to midfield for a while 2nd half and fairly anomymous there too. I was disappointed with him today, but we all know he has more in his locker.

Petravicius - Always wanted to get forward and take on his man. Didn't look that quick, but was certainly much better than any of his opponents. A winger who may have good game/bad game, only time will tell. Decent enough against gash opposition. Will need to see how he fares against better players.
Kidd - Did the simple stuff well and kept the team moving. Does nothing great, but rarely makes huge errors. Squad player.
T.O.E. - Quality player who always looks to play the ball forwards - oh how we have missed players like this. Not as physical as I thought he'd be, but probably the best player on the park.
Trialist (no.11) - well, he is no midfielder. looked shaky and totally lacking confidence 1st half. 2nd half switched to lb and looked much better. Will he make the cut? Doubtful, based on today.

Lewis - Looked far from fit and again looks like he thinks he's better than he actually is. Needs time, but showed very little to suggest he can get 15+ goals a season.
O'Hara - Buzzed about as usual and thankfully broke his duck with a goal. Ended up wide right in 2nd half which reduced his effectiveness.

Second half subs
Fasan - probably at fault for 2nd goal, but really could blame whole defence for that. Had almost zero to do thereafter. Nothing special.
Trialist (no.17) - looked bigger and stronger than recent full backs, and obviously better than the likes of Muirhead there, but made a lot of mistakes, looked overconfident at times and some very slack passing to boot. Nah.
Harrison - Man mountain carrying a couple stone excess weight. Slow, over-complicates things and too slow with his distribution. Needs games and a strict diet imo.
Paton - A red card waiting to happen. Too slow and a bit like Sean Welsh when going forward. Not my cup of tea, but at least he adds some muscle and grit to our normally babyish midfield.
Sammut - Looks a real prospect, although made a few quite basic mistakes. Looks keen and certainly put himself about enough. Very promising.
Turner - Disappointing and never looked particularly comfortable. Needs games?
Froxylias - The makings of a cult hero. Not quick but looks strong as an ox. Similar in many ways to Kidd, but more presence. I liked him.
Trialist up front - Like O'hara's big brother. Strong and buzzed about but looked like a guy who needs some goals for confidence. Showed nothing today to make him look anything other than ordinary.

I have to say that nothing I saw today has encouraged me to renew my ST. Early days and a heap of work needed to make this lot into a cohesive unit.
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