Aberdeen Friendly

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Aberdeen Friendly

Post by havenbairn » Thursday 05th 2018f July 2018 06:24:39 AM

A last minute winner gave Aberdeen a 1 0 victory over the Bairns

Not a bad result against a strong Aberdeen X1.

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Re: Aberdeen Friendly

Post by Olaf Thom » Thursday 05th 2018f July 2018 08:40:50 AM

2 Games - 0 goals is a bit of a concern.
I'm a bad man who doesn't waste time wondering what could've been when I am what could've been and what could not have been. I live on both sides of the fence. My grass is always green.

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Re: Aberdeen Friendly

Post by Creative Redemption » Thursday 05th 2018f July 2018 07:02:14 PM

Went to this.
Not been to a friendly since we played West Ham at Brockville, so you can see how much of an interest I normally take in them.
However, was on holiday and thought it would be a nice night to see whar we are about.
First off, our defence is now MASSIVE. Dallison was extremely impressive, and very good at organising.
Brough (LB) started off a bit shakey bit grew in to the game. He is a lanky kid, but looks like he can play a bit. He was up against McKay Stevens who is decent and really tested him, but he began to get a grip of it and did ok.
Harrison is a lump of a lad, and looks a bit limited, but will pile through everything and will be hard to get around. Not quick by any stretch, but with Allison beside him he also looked decent. McGhie at Rb looked more comfortable with better players around him.
On first view, Paton is similar to Davie Nicols (for those old enough to remember), and will probably see a few reds over the season, but smashes in to folk and noises the opposition up. Can pass a ball too, and shouts fcuks at everyone. He absolutley smashed an Aberdeen player in two when nobody else was putting in a tackle. Red card if it wasnt a friendly, but by God was it good to see. Not seen that sort of player at Falkirk for years.
Really liked Ruben Sammut (Chelsea player). He looked assured on the ball and hopefully will really shine through the season. He sat a bit deep, but you could see the pedigree of the lad, and I think could dictate play from the back as the season moves on.
Leo Fason in goals was really vocal. Not sure about his kicking as everything he wanted to do was short passes out from the back, and when he had to hit it long I wasnt too impressed, however, good to have a keeper constantly barking at his back four, and seems pretty assured too.
No 10 was Petracicius, the Lithunian and he was lightning quick, really rapid, and within 2 yards was miles past his opponent when cutting in. I liked the look of him, although I dont think he was completely up to speed with the other players names etc, and seems a bit quiet on first impression, but if he gets confidence, I could see him ripping some teams to shreds with his pace. It looked frightening.
I also really liked the movement of Dan Turner. He didnt get a lot of the ball, but his runs and movement were impressive. He can certainly play the lad, so hopefully he will also be a good signing.
Froxylias - if it goes the way I think it will, he is our new Latapy and the "go to" player. He hit a freekick about 6 miles over the bar from 25 yards out when I think we all thought it was his chance to prove he can put it in the top corner, but his touch, turns and passing gave me the feeling he is the number 10 we are looking for to release Turner, Yak (maybe) or whoever else plays up front. I reckon he could be a fans favourite.
Funnily enough the only player I thought looked out of sorts was Robson, who played left midfield, and although did nothing wrong, looked a little lost. Might be he is not used to that position, but I reckon him and Brough could work well together down the left wing covering and over lapping.

Subs: Owen Evans looked good for me when he came on. Good awareness and touch. I think he might take time to settle but something about him made me think he could be a player for us.
The other subs (Ohara etc, McKee etc) didnt really do much, but the team had changed so much it was hard for them to impress in all honesty.

To summarise:
Lots to be positive about, although friendlies (as we know from last year) offer nothing in the way of how we will play in the league.
The one thing I did notice is that we seem to already be playing as a team, with loads more shouting from the likes of Fason, Dallison and Paton very vocal, which we have not had in a long time.
Aberdeen put out a strong side, and looked the Premiership Team, but in terms of shape, control and fight we were certainly equal to them, if just not quite at their level.
One thing is for certain, we may get beaten, but we wont be push overs, and there is fight, guile and skill in the team.
It just needs to all come together for the first game against inverness.
Win that, and it will all become a little more interesting........
Here comes the doom.

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Re: Aberdeen Friendly

Post by Ricey » Thursday 05th 2018f July 2018 10:37:03 PM

Much appreciate the in depth and largely positive review. Plan to go Saturday and see how they look.

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Re: Aberdeen Friendly

Post by Falkirkbairn90 » Friday 06th 2018f July 2018 07:55:22 AM

Much appreciated assessment CR.

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Re: Aberdeen Friendly

Post by dixie chicken » Friday 06th 2018f July 2018 08:51:42 AM

Yes, excellent. Very reminiscent of Alba/John Markle.

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Re: Aberdeen Friendly

Post by Bridge of Allan Bairn » Friday 06th 2018f July 2018 10:43:13 AM

good post cr posts like this make onef worth visiting for good information
"We knew other teams didn't like coming to Brockville...they said it was a dump...tight pitch...poor surface...we used that to our advantage...the team spirit was outstanding" J Hughes 2003

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Re: Aberdeen Friendly

Post by JaxinFalkirk » Friday 06th 2018f July 2018 11:13:16 AM

CR I went along on Wednesday with Aberdeen supporting friend (he came in our end) and both he and I would concur with the positivity of your posting.

My mate who lives in Falkirk was impressed by us and could well be tempted to come along to see us this season.

Personally speaking I really liked the movement and invention of our front three in the first half who gave a very experienced defence a few problems even if we only had a couple of shots on target.

I also thought Dennison looks class act with other new starts all bringing something to the party.

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