QotS v Falkirk

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Re: QotS v Falkirk

Post by rusty_nail » Thursday 05th 2018f April 2018 11:40:12 AM

dixie chicken wrote:
Thursday 05th 2018f April 2018 10:30:52 AM
Heard a rumour that Muirhead is going to Carlisle next year.
... I'll drive if it helps :wink:
Contemplating the future of One F in Falkirk

Duncan Freemason
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Re: QotS v Falkirk

Post by Duncan Freemason » Thursday 05th 2018f April 2018 02:02:53 PM

I am more than happy for Hartley getting on with the job of moulding the side into what he wants it to be.
Personal choice? More than happy for McGhee, Robson, Jak, Longridge, Nelson, Sibbs and even Blair’s names to be part of that set up. Grant I have complete sympathy for. The lad’s injury has clearly affected him big time.
Muirhead probably has all sorts of positive influence off the park, but Jeez, the guy can only firefight as a defender with last ditch tackles. His positional sense and awareness is so poor (and of course, his distribution is awful).
A total rework of the defence, and some athletic ability in midfield, and we would (not surprisingly) be transformed.
Just as our feeble goal scoring pre January was only corrected by the new players arriving, our defensive record will only be put right by replacements. It’s better than it was, but Dumfries clearly showed that it’s still miles away from being fixed.

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