revised season expectations ??

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Bridge of Allan Bairn
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Re: revised season expectations ??

Post by Bridge of Allan Bairn » Wednesday 21st 2018f March 2018 03:11:15 PM

ellonbairn wrote:
Wednesday 21st 2018f March 2018 02:40:14 PM
Yes first and foremost we need to get safely away from Dumbarton and Inverness. If we were to lose the 4 away matches we have between the 3rd and 17th April, we could be back in 9th. If we win them all, we can look at 4th place as a possibility. I still feel we may climb another place or 2 but won't make 4th.
for what's it's worth I concur. I think we'll climb a bit but miss out on top 4.

unfortunately Morton's next game is home to Brechin which if they win will make them look untouchable, the volume and order of games doesn't help us as on paper well be a good bit behind but have games in hand it doesn't lift us being close to teams above and secondly put pressure on them from us
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Re: revised season expectations ??

Post by havenbairn » Friday 30th 2018f March 2018 08:31:57 AM

In a season which started with such high expectations (Our Time), I will be happy if we finish in 8th position.

We can then clear the decks and forget about a season which has been the worst since the Totten "relegation" season.

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Re: revised season expectations ??

Post by Ricey » Friday 30th 2018f March 2018 09:25:20 AM

Yes all about next season now and finishing as high as we can in the table this year to get more prize money. Surprised given our new emphasis on scouting that we haven’t announced any precontracts for next season.surely were safe now so could begin planning? Even although we are finishing lower down the league the rangers money, Gallagher money, Mcbride money and the academy/reserve team money should see us with a comfortably higher budget than previous seasons. Key we make good use of that from day 1. The signings need in the main to be a better quality than those signed in Jan, with the odd exception, if we are going to challenge for the title next season.

Duncan Freemason
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Re: revised season expectations ??

Post by Duncan Freemason » Friday 30th 2018f March 2018 07:28:38 PM

Looking forward to a rock solid starting eleven supported by a back up keeper, two adaptable defenders, one spare attacking midfielder, one spare defensive midfielder and two alternate front men.
A simple, lean set up with the option to bring in one or two in January if needs must.
Yep, next season looks promising, but then again, most next season’s do. It’s all about Hartley and what he can realistically deliver.
Don’t suppose the Shire are in the market for a Harris, a McKee and a Loy as they seek to dominate the Lowland League?
The news faces will be most welcome. The hard bit will be unloading the old ones.

Habib Utak Al Hansi
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Re: revised season expectations ??

Post by Habib Utak Al Hansi » Friday 30th 2018f March 2018 09:11:11 PM

I still think we might be lumbered with a fair amount of dross next season, severely hampering any promotion hopes the supporters may have.

Harris, Loy and McKee have not made a single meaningful contribution between them this season, yet are taking up a good chunk of the wage bill. All three have another year. The only way to get rid of them will be by paying them off. Harris has to be the single worst bit of business done by the club in years, the guy must have thought he had won the lottery when Houston rocked up with a two-year deal.

Ultimately, our approach to next season will be dependant upon the composition of the league. It's odds-on that Dundee United will be hanging around. Whilst their dire financial situation should force them to cut their squad to the bone, I would not be surprised if they just carried on regardless, as Hibs did. If they are joined by a Ross County propped up by Sugar Daddy McGregor, or a Dundee who have learned noting from two previous administrations (it's perfectly possible that both could be in the league) then yet another season will be quickly, but quietly, written off at boardroom level.

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Sir Jones
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Re: revised season expectations ??

Post by Sir Jones » Saturday 31st 2018f March 2018 11:43:33 AM

Unless something miraculous happens in the Summer I've pretty much written off next season myself to be honest. I'm approaching 2018/19 with some "under promise, over deliver" hopes though.
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