u20's v St Mirren

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u20's v St Mirren

Post by John Markie » Tuesday 26th 2017f September 2017 10:15:44 PM

Very strange and subdued performance tonight from the young lads. Smith and Miller in technical area and Kerr there too pre kick off then I never saw him again. Bit like the match on Saturday (kidding, kidding ok?).

After about a minute we were 1-0 down from a routine corner into the box, missed by the defence, bingo, they take the lead. It was then extremely tedious for the rest of the half, enlivened only by some dreadful officiating by the ref and stand side assistant. They basically got every decision wrong. The terrible refereeing continued in the second half and one particular case where Shepherd was taken out by 2 st mirren players and requiring treatment wasn't even given as a free kick. Other examples of the shoot officials were the warning of a St Mirren player, only for same player (post talking to) kicking the ball away. Action by ref = nothing. If any St Mirren player yelled for a throw, etc., the ref immediately awarded them what they had shouted for. Amusing in a way, but not so much if it was a game of football you were there to watch. St Mirren rightfully went in at HT 1 up as they had done all the pressing, and we had looked very disjointed and really lacked any composure or threat.

Second half was pretty dire for the opening 15-20 minutes with neither side playing remotely good football and quite a few players having real stinking performances. Then we change from a weird 4-5-1/4-3-3 to 4-4-2, take Blues off, and suddenly we are on the front foot. Just as we begin to get a hold of the game, they score on a break-away to make it 2-0. Three Falkirk players allowed a pass to go through all of them, the St Mirren player runs on to it and dispatches it neatly. Keeper had no chance with either goal. Then comes the fight back. Shep gets the ball inside the box, manages to evade 3 or 4 challenges and slams the ball home past the advancing keeper. We then have a couple of decent shots and make a couple more changes. With each change we up a gear. St Mirren get a goal chalked off for off-side and we really get the bit between our teeth. By this stage Jonny Mitchell and Reis Peggie are running the show from midfield, with Dunne and Langton causing all kinds of threat from the flanks. Its from Langton that the equaliser comes in the last 5 or 6 minutes, a shot from close in that may have taken a slight deflection, but from my view point looked like the keeper had thrown into his own net. And by this stage it was no more than we deserved. Had the game gone another 5 minutes we would have won this as it was one way traffic by then.

Mutch 8/10. Could do nothing about either goal. Couple of decent stops, and generally good distribution.

K Mitchell 4/10. Pretty awful night for him where nothing went right. Better later on in second half, but he's young and will improve on this display
Watson 5/10. Should have marshalled defence better and got away with some last ditch defending. Probably to blame most for not clearing that through ball for their second goal. Had he really made an effort I am sure he could have got something on it. Maybe not?
Gasparotto 7/10. By far our best defender. Calm and composed throughout. Not that great in the air though. Expected a wee bit better from him.
Munro 4/10. Like Mitchell didn't have the best of nights. Again, second half much better and alongside Dunne began to make inroads into a tiring St Mirren defence.

Blues 4/10. A frustrating night from him. Never got going and you could tell by his body language that he was pi55ed off at how he was playing. Rightly subbed after 60 minutes, and we immediately improved and changed to 4-4-2.
J Mitchell 8/10. First half not as good as second, but the class player on the field. He ran the show along with Peggie in second half. Much more effective partnership than the 1st team have been this season.
R Peggie 8.5/10. My MOTM - he was everywhere, helping out in defence, making tackles and powering us forward. Had some great runs and shots and was unlucky not to score with one. Excellent.

Jarvis 4/10. Ineffective and second to every ball. Just not a good night for him where nothing went right.
Shepherd 8/10. Excellent and rightly rewarded with a goal for all his hard work. A real handful for the 2 St Mirren centre backs.
Stowe 4/10. A night where he couldn't even take a decent corner kick or free kick. Another youngster who will have better nights.

Dunne 7/10. Came on and made an immediate impact with his powerful running down the left flank. Made a few chances and it was his introduction that finally got us onto the front foot.
Langton 7/10. Not on long enough, but was very effective down the right, finally managing to run at their defence and bring others into play at the right end of the park. Got a goal which was tinged with luck but probably deserved for his sheer work and determination.
McBride 7/10. A slip of a lad who looks like a stiff breeze would blow him over, yet managed a lot better tonight against giant defenders. Linked up well with Shep and it made me wonder why we started with Shep so isolated, when this guy and Shep clearly frightened the opposition defence.

Did I mention how dreadful the ref was? No? He was as bad as its possible to be. Hopefully some sort of SPFL observer rates these diddies and has them back refereeing schoolboys on a Saturday. However unfair that is to school boys.

Another night where the management duo of Miller and Smith made virtually no noise or comment to gee the players up or on. They got the right result in the end, but its all so timid and nicey, nicey.
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