u20s v Celtic

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John Markie
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u20s v Celtic

Post by John Markie » Tuesday 22nd 2017f August 2017 11:31:11 PM

Abysmal. 4-0 but could have been 10-0.

Sibbs and Miller - on from the start. Both utter rubbish.
Blues - miles away from being ready for 1st team on this showing.
Finlayson - I take back all I have been saying about him not being any worse than Muirhead etc. He was at left back tonight and was appallingly bad.
D Mitchell (gk) - Hmm, nothing he could do about the goals but never inspired confidence.
K Mitchell (rb) - looks very young and gave a fair account of himself.
Hussain (cb) - looks like a very lanky 12 year old. And played like one.
J Mitchell (cb) - this kid is the only bright spark we have on the immediate horizon. Quality through and through. I would have no problem starting him ahead of any of the current 1st team defenders.
Langton (rm) - flashes of not bad play interspersed by his usual awful crossing etc.
Peggie (cm) capt - very very decent performance on a night we were totally outplayed. Would start him ahead of any of our 1st team midfield given their performance against DA.
Shepherd (st) - took a lot of hard knocks on a night where he did nothing.

Of the subs, Mark Stowe looks good and the other two were no worse than those they replaced.

A wee word on refereeing. Terrible doesn't describe it accurately enough. Two stonewall penalties denied. Two straight red card offences ignored (one drew a yellow, the other wasn't even deemed even worthy of a lecture). One was a two footed lunge that one Celtic fan near us described as a "slip" which made us giggle a bit and brought a yellow card, the other was when a defender straight armed (well two armed) Shepherd to the throat. Other than that a completely normal old firm refereeing performance.

Our coaching staff. Invisible. And a wee word on the coaching - I can only assume based on the evidence of my own eyes that we discourage making tackles, physically challenging opponents and never ever trying to prevent any type of cross balls or wingers running past our full backs. I guess these things don't matter in the modern game?

As useless a performance as our first teams efforts, so not only bottom of the championship, I reckon bottom of development league beckons too. So, all in all a worthwhile nights entertainment.
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