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Future of the forum

Post by Administrator » Sunday 24th 2017f December 2017 09:51:18 PM

I have renewed the domain name for another year but as per my previous posts the current admin/mod team are really looking for someone else to take over the running of the forum provided there is demand for it to stay open.

If anyone was interested we'd package the forum up (posts, current active users and all) and it could be installed quite easily on another host.

It's also worth pointing out that some knowledge of php and MySQL will come in handy for anyone looking to run a forum like this. Most hosting companies will have an automatic installer for the forum software itself and from there it's simply a case of logging in as an admin and uploading the database file so actually moving the forum should be fairly straightforward. There is plenty of support available on phpbb's own site for anyone wishing to set up a fresh installation of the forum software. https://download.phpbb.com/pub/document ... tation.pdf is the user guide for the current version of the software, this will give you an idea of what's involved in setting up your own fresh installation.

In order to minimise the size of the database file we'd be looking to delete accounts which have not been used in the past year, all current moderator and administrator accounts would also be deleted. A topic/post prune would need to take place as well along with a mass e-mail informing users of a change of ownership and to allow them the option of having their accounts deleted.

The problems we get with spam occurs when the forum software is not kept up to date so this is something else to keep in mind. Ideally the software needs to be updated as soon as a new version comes out. Currently the forum is running the most up to date version of the software so now would be a good time to think about moving it. Updating the forum software involves uploading the new files and running an installer to update the forum files and database, most of the time this works fine but should anything go wrong then you'd need to be prepared to spend a bit of time sorting it out. People can obviously moderate and manage posts/users in whatever way they see fit. Having spoken to the current and previous admin/moderator team we all agree that we'd prefer the forum continued under a different name. We'd be happy to provide a re-direct from this domain name once someone had the forum running on their own host.

So to summarise you'd need to buy your own suitable web host, install a fresh forum with a new database, upload this forum's database and files and change the configuration file to point to your own database. What you'd be getting is the most recent active topics, posts and users as they are. We will not be handing over the login details to the forums current host or current admin/moderator accounts so don't ask. You'd need to be able to manage the hosting and maintenance side of things yourself anyway.

If anyone is interested then please PM me.

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