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Anton Rodgers

Posted: Tuesday 25th 2018f September 2018 08:08:33 AM
by Romaines of the Day
According to the BBC and the Herald, we have the son of Brendan Rodgers on trial with us. I'm guessing that his performance in the reserve fixture against Dundee United didn't help his case.

Re: Anton Rodgers

Posted: Wednesday 26th 2018f September 2018 04:53:51 PM
by rusty_nail
His trial period is being extended according to the Falkirk Herald so that he can work on his fitness.

Seems like the ball is in his court as the other trialist we had has been cut loose as he wasn't up to the standard required!

Who would have thunk that viewing players at close quarters would be so enlightening! :shock:

Re: Anton Rodgers

Posted: Tuesday 02nd 2018f October 2018 07:42:50 PM
by rusty_nail
Has decided not to extend his trial period.

Other trialists being considered according to the FH.

I think we probably dodged a bullet with him.