Hughes to quit after Saturdays game

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Post by kennyboy » Saturday 30th 2009f May 2009 09:31:02 AM

[quote="OffshoreBairn"]Well, my mates sister pals hairdressers driving instructor said he heard from a guy in a pub that someone had seen Yogi at the Marriot in Newcastle and at Sunderlands training ground, so must be there for interviews.

It's true :lol:[/quote]

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Re: yogi's soon to be off

Post by LapoLapo » Saturday 30th 2009f May 2009 10:10:22 PM

i hope yogi stays :clap:

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Re: Hughes to quit after Saturdays game

Post by GunnerBairn » Sunday 31st 2009f May 2009 03:23:34 PM

if yogi goes surely elvis will fancy the job. eddie may, mccann, mccnamara and bullen forming the remainder coaching staff. the cheap option i would think instead of bringing in someone external. would also keep continuity.
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Re: Hughes to quit after Saturdays game

Post by legibroon » Sunday 31st 2009f May 2009 08:48:17 PM

Its so fickle this game of ours ....if u asked any Falkirk fan 6 years ago if they would like a manager that would get us in the SPL to three semi finals a Scottish Cup Final keep us IN the SPL AND get us into Europe .....theyd have bit yer hand off .....Similarly with Celtic ... a manager that will win 3 titles Scottish Cup latter stages of teh Euro Champs TWICE....and also Aberdeen......constant top 6 finishes Europe on two occasions...sends a "hard to please" message out to ANY manager interested in these jobs doesnt it??? Seems the FAILED clubs KEEP their managers successful ones dont....WEIRD

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