Merged Lovell Thread

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Re: Merged Lovell Thread

Post by Bairn_O_Falkirk » Wednesday 06th 2009f May 2009 08:09:10 AM

alba bairn wrote:He has been a decent but hardly spectacular striker, who came in handy as Finnigan was crocked for so long - but will we miss him? Somehow I doubt it. I keep remembering his misses (no pun intended) more than his goals.
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Re: Merged Lovell Thread

Post by GunnerBairn » Thursday 07th 2009f May 2009 08:57:40 PM

yogi says lovells upset ...
Hughes also dismissed reports as "cheap journalism" that Steve Lovell – who still has an option to extend his stay with the Bairns for another 12 months – looked set to be on his way out of Falkirk.

And he wished to assure the fans that the 28-year-old striker was left gobsmacked at a newspaper article this week which claimed he had apparently already passed a medical at Tannadice and was pondering a move to Dundee United in the summer.

"Steve knocked on my door on Monday obviously upset at what had been written," explained Hughes. "He insisted that he knew absolutely nothing about it, hasn't had any talks with any clubs, and is annoyed that he seems to have been connected to a different one every week.

"Steve is working hard on his fitness and is fighting to recover from the injury which has kept him out of the team.

"He still has a part to play here and very much hopes to be involved again soon. He is fully committed to Falkirk's cause, no doubt about it. I don't know where the story came from but it couldn't be further from the truth and is another example of what can unsettle the squad. It doesn't do us any favours."
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Re: Merged Lovell Thread

Post by mathematics » Thursday 14th 2009f May 2009 10:59:52 AM

BombayBairn wrote:Mate of mine is Doc at Stirling Royal and dealt with him when he done his wrist - confirmed the guy is a total billy-big-time, hey look at me, do you know who I am, by the way I'm engaged to Amy MCdonald, etc, etc.

This was backed up by a pal of my wife who is going out with one of players, nobody likes him, players, staff or the WAG's, they all think he is an arrogant c*ck.

Personally dont think he is worth anywhere near what we've been paying him.
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D) Where would Falkirk be without Lovell's goals this season? Division 1 already.

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Re: Merged Lovell Thread

Post by Statto » Wednesday 20th 2009f May 2009 04:43:29 PM ... 7?UserKey=

probably lazy journalism but safe to say no matter who he ends up with it won't be us. thank fk.
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Re: Merged Lovell Thread

Post by Kiddy » Wednesday 20th 2009f May 2009 05:26:47 PM

Statto wrote: ... 7?UserKey=

probably lazy journalism but safe to say no matter who he ends up with it won't be us. thank fk.
Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe wants to sign his half-brother Steve Lovell from Falkirk.
Give him the lazy half. :wink:
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