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by kent brockman
Sunday 18th 2018f November 2018 09:00:26 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Ken Waddell
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Re: Ken Waddell

Ken Waddell was "Mr Falkirk Herald" and the esteem in which he is held by his former staff says it all.

A great Bairns supporter and a true gentleman.
by kent brockman
Monday 22nd 2018f October 2018 09:16:25 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Prince Buaben
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Re: Prince Buaben

Best player on the park on Saturday until he went off injured at half time.

Need to get him fit as we will need players of his calibre if we are to avoid relegation this season.
by kent brockman
Tuesday 09th 2018f October 2018 09:22:17 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Falkirk v Scumfermline 06/10/18
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Re: Falkirk v Scumfermline 06/10/18

Ok, this is embarrassing but I will admit what I did on Saturday after the game. Myself an two others went and waited at the Main Stand to tell the players what we thought. We did try to get a few more of us, but to be honest, guys who have been to watch Falkirk for 30yrs + are just not interested,...
by kent brockman
Wednesday 03rd 2018f October 2018 11:36:36 AM
Forum: Other Football
Topic: Hearts
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Re: Hearts

Its a marathon not a sprint and we have been here before.

Remember the George Burley season.
by kent brockman
Sunday 16th 2018f September 2018 01:56:16 PM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: vs Ayr Utd :Post Match
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Re: vs Ayr Utd :Post Match

I was there and I thought we played really well in the first half and deserved to go in 2-0 ahead.

The half time talk should have been about keeping it tight but when Ayr scored after just 3 minutes the floodgates opened.
by kent brockman
Friday 14th 2018f September 2018 10:00:36 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Welcome Ray
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Re: Welcome Ray

Romaines of the Day wrote:
Thursday 13th 2018f September 2018 02:18:01 PM
Looking at what was being said in the Herald, we were close to signing Tony Ralston from Celtic and Darren O'Dea from Dundee
If we didn't actually sign them, the Herald might as well have said we were close to signing Lionel Messi and Ronaldo.
by kent brockman
Saturday 04th 2018f August 2018 07:59:54 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Vs ICT
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Re: Vs ICT

I find it fairly astounding that possibly our worst player of last season not only remains at the club, but will start and likely still captain the side. Not only is he a terrible weak link in defence, and offers little from set pieces, he is STILL probably the best central defender we have at the ...
by kent brockman
Wednesday 01st 2018f August 2018 03:28:10 PM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Signings on the way
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Re: Signings on the way

havenbairn wrote:
Wednesday 01st 2018f August 2018 02:01:47 PM
According to the bookies we are 6th favourites to win the league this season.

.....and unfortunately, they rarely get it that wrong.
What about Livingston. :wink:
by kent brockman
Sunday 15th 2018f July 2018 10:13:51 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Who is the missing number 5
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Re: Who is the missing number 5

JaxinFalkirk wrote:
Saturday 14th 2018f July 2018 03:53:40 PM
So where is he today - Central defence posted missing for goal
He was sitting in front of us and said he picked up an injury during one of the friendlies last week
by kent brockman
Thursday 07th 2018f June 2018 02:11:42 PM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Tom Taiwo
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Tom Taiwo

Tom Taiwo expected to sign a 2 year deal at Hamilton Accies.

A really nice guy and a great move for him after being released by Falkirk.
by kent brockman
Saturday 28th 2018f April 2018 05:53:42 PM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: falkirk v st mirren 28th April 2018
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Re: falkirk v st mirren 28th April 2018

Good to end on a high note.

Onwards and upwards for us next season.
by kent brockman
Friday 20th 2018f April 2018 09:16:24 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Club Statement
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Re: Club Statement

It might be good for the BFL guys to sit down at the end of the season and discuss how their scheme could be developed into a community ownership model. All the research suggests that these schemes are only successful in times of crisis but it would be useful to have a community ownership plan ready...
by kent brockman
Sunday 08th 2018f April 2018 08:02:04 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Falkirk vs. Dunfermline 07-04-18
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Re: Falkirk vs. Dunfermline 07-04-18

We look like a collection of individuals rather than a team.

No spirit, no passion and apart from Sibbs no appreciation of what that game meant to the fans.
by kent brockman
Tuesday 03rd 2018f April 2018 09:28:09 PM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: QotS v Falkirk
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Re: QotS v Falkirk

FT QOS 2-2 Falkirk.
by kent brockman
Monday 02nd 2018f April 2018 09:51:20 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: falkirk v Brechin 31st march 2018
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Re: falkirk v Brechin 31st march 2018

Nice to see the "behind the goals" coverage on you tube giving full coverage of the pre match tribute to Alex Blackwood.

Well deserved for more than 20 years of service to the club.
by kent brockman
Tuesday 27th 2018f March 2018 08:39:45 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: The clear-out
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Re: The clear-out

Talk seems to be of a total squad of 18-20 max next season. Currently we must have nearer 40 signed players at a guess and if talk is of in the region of 12 coming in then going to be over 30 departures. This will be the biggest clearout in the clubs history surely? That would make a lot sense. How...
by kent brockman
Friday 23rd 2018f March 2018 10:29:32 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: The clear-out
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Re: The clear-out

I think you may be disappointed on the contracts front with a number of players still in contract for next season.

For example our top earner, Rory Loy, was given a 2 year deal.
by kent brockman
Monday 19th 2018f March 2018 07:35:48 PM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: revised season expectations ??
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Re: revised season expectations ??

couple of weeks now without a game looking at others play so thought I'd look at the remaining games and stats. we have 8 games to play. if our form is the same as our last 8 games winning 5 drawing 2 and losing 1 we'd finish on 51 points if the other teams round us have the same form in their last...
by kent brockman
Sunday 18th 2018f March 2018 10:35:45 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Bairns v Franchise FC
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Re: Bairns v Franchise FC

One of the worst games I have seen in a long time with players on both sides lacking the basic ability to cross a ball.... even from a corner kick.

A very poor advert for Scottish Football
by kent brockman
Saturday 17th 2018f February 2018 11:30:08 AM
Forum: Falkirk FC
Topic: Fan Ownership
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Re: Fan Ownership

We have invited The Foundation of Hearts to come to the Falkirk Stadium to discuss their plans for community ownership of Hearts. They have recruited 8,000 fans to their membership scheme and will explain how they spend the £1.5m per annum raised by their supporters. The event takes place in the Sou...